Saturday, June 14, 2008

Beach and Undersea Tropical Fish Mural Wall Painting

Ok, so I've been working on this mural and I guess I'll call it finished now. I could add some more to it but I think it's "ok" the way it is. I needed to do a beach scene on the one side and the undersea on the other side of the room. This mural covers 3 walls in the bedroom while the 4th wall will be covered in fish netting with fish and seashells etc. attached. The beach ball was added as a recommendation as well as possibly putting in some jumping dolphins. Although the jumping dolphins would look good in this, I decided to leave them out. I wanted more of a relaxing beach scene and I think the beach ball added just the right amount of fun to it as well as the seagulls giving just the right amount of movement. I didn't want the eye to get too caught up on having to look around at too many objects. The walls themselves are not smooth but have a pattern to them. Almost like the pattern that you see on a ceiling, so painting with more detail can be a bit harder to achieve and since I am so impatient and need to rush through things I didn't worry too much on too much detail. I think it worked out fine since this is a little girls room. I have done other wall murals and paintings in the past but this is by far the largest of all of them.